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Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese dice game that has been thrilling players for centuries with its simple rules and fun gameplay. All you do is wager on the outcome of the roll of three dice. But while the rules are straightforward, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a good Sic Bo strategy.

Small and Big bets on totals of 4-10 or 11-17 payout close to even money. But bigger scores come from nailing trickier bets like Specific Triples. Catching something like Three Aces can multiply your wager over 180 times. So, whether you’re new or something of a pro, stay tuned, and we’ll guide you through how to come up with a perfect Sic Bo-winning formula.

An Introduction to Sic Bo

Now that we have your attention, we can get into the meat and potatoes of this ancient Chinese dice game. Sic Bo is played with three dice, and the playing surface is a table marked with different betting areas and payouts. The game has many variants, like Super Sic Bo, featuring plenty of exciting multipliers. First, players place their wager on the predicted outcome by positioning chips on the desired bet spots on the virtual Sic Bo table.

Common bets include Small (4-10) or Big (11 – 17) for the total of the three dice. You can also bet on Specific Triples to catch all three dice showing the same number. Other bets allow wagering on any triple, two specific dice numbers, or combinations like two of a kind.

Once bets are made, the shooter rolls the three dice, which tumble into a small chest or tube. The dice results determine the winners. Winning bets are paid out according to the odds, with bets like Specific Triples paying over 180:1.

The game moves quickly, with each roll taking moments before the next round begins. Sic Bo online offers fairly low house edges, especially on even-money bets, attracting players with the potential for big scores on the occasional longshot winner.

Understanding Sic Bo Basics

It’s no lie that the rules of Sic Bo make the game extremely straightforward – that’s part of the appeal and can help explain its immense staying power at Malaysian online casinos. However, despite the simplicity of the rules, mastering various bet types is crucial for implementing an effective strategy. So, to begin understanding Sic Bo strategy, let’s explore the different wagers and their respective odds.

Big & Small BetsSingle Dice BetDoubles BetThrice Dice TotalAny Triples BetSpecific Triples BetDice Combination BetOdds & EvensThrice Single Number CombinationFour Number Combination

Big & Small Bets

These are the most common outcomes, with over 60% of all rolls resulting in a Small (4-10) or Big (11 – 17) total. As such, they offer the safest bets with near-even money 1:1 payout odds. These bets are perfect for conservative players seeking steady, low-risk profits at a Sic Bo casino. The house edge is a reasonable 2.78% on these wagers.

Single Dice Bet

One of the simplest bets is predicting that any number from 1 to 6 will appear on any of the three dice. With 1:1 payout odds if successful, Single Dice bets are a nice way to ease into Sic Bo betting. However, the odds of catching one specific number are only 1 in 6 per roll.

Doubles Bet

Here, you wager on any specific pair of numbers appearing together, like 1-1, 2-5, 4-4, etc. While doubles are less frequent than catching a single number, they offer higher payouts around 8:1. They’re a good middle-ground wager between the low/high-risk bets.

Thrice Dice Total

For this bet, you must accurately predict the total of all three dice combined. Hitting totals like 4, 9, or 15 can pay anywhere from 6:1 odds (for easier totals like 8 or 13) up to around 24:1 (but only for the hardest totals of 4 or 17).

Any Triples Bet

This wager covers all possible triple combinations of the same number appearing, whether 6-6-6, 2-2-2, 4-4-4, etc. While triples are rarer than doubles on dice rolls, they are highly coveted, paying around 24:1 when they hit. There’s plenty of potential for a big score and payout.

Specific Triples Bet

The ultimate longshot and biggest payout. To win on a Specific Triples bet, you have to correctly call the exact specific triple combo before the roll, like 5-5-5 or 1-1-1. If you can call it, you can earn a massive 180:1 payout. But of course, you have to keep in mind that the odds are extremely slim.

Dice Combination Bet

For this wager, you’re betting that two dice will show one specific number while the third die shows another number – such as 5-5-6 or 3-3-1. It offers a decent Sic Bo payout around 6:1 if you can catch these tougher combos.

Odds & Evens

Odds & Evens is an extremely simple 50/50 proposition bet. Simply try to predict whether the sum of all three dice is odd or even. It’s about as close to a coin flip as possible, though the house still has a small 2.78 edge.

Three Single Number Combination

In this online Sic Bo bet, you can pick any three different single numbers and wager whether or not they will appear together in any combination or order across all three dice, like a 2-4-6 roll. When hit, it pays around 24:1.

Four Number Combination

For this longshot, you select four specific numbers – then it pays around 72:1 if any three numbers show up in the roll, regardless of order. It’s one of the riskier moves you can incorporate into your Sic Bo strategy. Like betting 1-2-5-6 and catching a 2-1-5 roll.

Sic Bo Strategy for Playing Online

Developing an effective Sic Bo strategy is essential for consistent profits, whether playing the game online or in a land-based casino. Let’s explore some popular strategic approaches and betting patterns based on your risk tolerance.

Low-Risk Strategy

For the most conservative players, the low-risk strategy focuses exclusively on the Big and Small bets. With payouts close to even money and a reasonable 2.78% house edge, you can grind out steady but modest profits over time. Stick strictly to Big/Small and implement strict bankroll management by betting 1-2% of your total bankroll per wager. Relying primarily on this strategy is a battle of discipline over the long run, but it’s worth it if you want to stay safe.

Low-to-Medium Risk Strategy

Sic Bo Strategy Big and Small bets

This approach blends the Big/Small bets by sprinkling in Single Dice bets and Combination bets like Two Singles. The Single Dice bets carry just under 14% house edge, while Combos are around 16.67%. While the house edge is somewhat elevated here, it allows for bigger scores when you win.

To implement this strategy, allocate around 60% of your wagers to Big/Small and 40% to the better-paying bets. Increase bet sizing to 2-5% of bankroll per round.

Medium-Risk Strategy

Doubles Sic Bo Strategy

For those comfortable with higher volatility, a medium-risk Sic Bo strategy means betting frequently on Double Bets, Any Triples, and Totals like 8 or 9. These wagers have higher house edges, around 18-24%, but offer bigger payouts, from 5-1 to 30-1. Keep Big/Small in the mix, but push 60% – 70% of your wagers towards the juicier scores. You’ll want to expand your bet sizing to 5-10% of your bankroll to accelerate your potential upside.

High-Risk Strategy

Specific Triples Bet Sic Bo

This “swing for the fences” approach chases the biggest available payouts, specifically Specific Triples (180 – 1), Four Number Combos (72-1), and Three Single Number Combos (24-1). These carry massive 30% house edges but could theoretically pay out life-changing scores in a single fortunate roll. High-risk players bet 80% of their wagers on these longshots while sprinkling in safer Big/Small for reloads. A 10%+ bankroll commitment per round is workable if you go for the high-risk strategy.

Become a Sic Bo Master

Whether you’re a casual dice shooter or an aspiring Sic Bo strategist, this ancient game offers non-stop action and opportunities for profit on the best Sic Bo sites. From conservative Big/Small grinding to daring longshot bets like Specific Triples, the game provides the depth and variety to match any player’s style. By understanding the fundamentals of betting options and using a smart Sic Bo strategy, you should be fully equipped to experience the thrills of the game and have good chances of winning.


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